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 I am chairman of UKIP Wirral and council  candidate for my home town New Brighton.  With the right Mersey mayor it gives us, the people who live here a chance to decide for ourselves how our money is spent.  As a candidate both for council and Merseyside mayor, I have only one agenda, to serve not govern, to put power back in the hands of the people who matter, the residents. I believe that if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves. In 2011 Wirral council awarded itself £834, 723 to give Wallasey town hall a face lift.  All very nice but the rest of us were resigned to thinking we had time travelled back to the blackout.  Then, as now street lights were not high on the agenda.  In February 16, council workers were treated to £66,000 of new office furniture as essential spending.  Not so essential is Girtrell Court, a respite care home giving invaluable relief for carers to make a saving of £150,000.  Since 2013 a project of an upmarket golf resort in Hoylake was allocated a budget of £237,000 which has expended with a further budget of £595,969 approved, all this before one member of the privileged few has teed off.  I can’t promise all things to all people but I can promise to make every penny count and listen to what matters to you.  I will continue my campaign to scrap tunnel fees which I strongly believe should be part of the road network, this is just another tax on the residents both sides of the water.  I would do everything possible to help our small businesses, how sad to walk along our neglected high streets, once the heart of our communities to see premises boarded up, the only sign of life in charity shops, betting shops and payday loan businesses.  I want to see our young people taken off the scrap heap and into apprenticeships to give them aspirations and a quality of life, not the zero hour contracts that ensure the rich get richer at the expense of our future generation.  The rest is up to you.  I’m asking you to vote for me to be your voice, a voice that has been shouting for too long but not heard.



 Paula Walters
email paulawalters.ukipwirral@gmail.com
tel 07834779022
UKIP Wirral chairman
UKIP candidate for New Brighton
Leave EU regional organiser



As a candidate my only agenda is to give members a voice.  Minutes available to all plus regular treasurer reports and open regional meetings.  If NEC are directors, we are shareholders and deserve nothing less.  I am chairman of UKIP Wirral a driving force in  the North West, standing for council May 2016.  In the General Election I will be standing as MP for Wallasey against Angela Eagle because i feel Wallasey deserves better.  I was regional organiser for Leave EU and arranged the UKIP battle bus reception in Wirral. I joined the journey from Crewe to Blackpool with Paul Nuttall and Steven Wolfe spreading the word throughout the North West to vote leave in the referendum on June 23rd 2016.  I am a civil servant, qualifications include a BA in English and BSc in Biomolecular Science.  Spare time involves campaigning for Wirral residents.  I attend Paul Nuttall’s annual scrap the tunnel fee campaign. I am an honest, genuine person and would like to represent the grassroots members.
Your voice is my voice!!!! 



UKIP Wirral disbanded over a year ago.  With the help of Noel Matthews and the unending enthusiasm and support from Fred Fricker we were reborn on 1st June 2016.I am immensely proud of our committee Ralph, Beryl, Debbie and Martin, their work and commitment knows no bounds.  We are supported by 148 loyal, enthusiastic members, a candidate for each ward is now within our reach. In three short months we are one of the biggest branches in the North West with a healthy bank balance to promote our campaign.