UK Independence Party Wirral

UK’s third political party



We are working in the Wirral to improve the community for residents and businesses. Representing the four Wirral Constituencies. With your support we can have a brighter future for you and your family.







 DEBBIE CAPLIN standing for Wallasey in THE  GENERAL ELECTION on 8th June 2017.  

             Wallasey has been left to stagnate

                         over the last 25 years.

Debbie’s involvement with the campaign to stop the introduction and increases of parking charges across Wirral has been of great benefit to all of Wirral. She works constantly to address  fly tipping problems. Debbie has been assisting vunerable adults with their daily needs.  Debbie has a vision of a much nicer place to live, and a more positive future. Be part of that vision vote for Debbie.







Official site of UKIP, led by Paul Nuttall.

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